Manage Your Stores and Multiple ecommerce channels from one place – "eR4u"

ER4U manages orders & inventory of your store & multiple marketplaces


Mobile friendly screens alert you on every order. See and manage inventory, orders, procurement, customers and vendors on any screen - mobile, tablet or laptop. Your business is always with you.


Bring your offline world and your online world together by having your inventory across locations synced and orders across channels in a single place. Stocks get updated on all stores automatically when you sell on any one.


Get customers from, Street bazar, Crafts villa and more, to buy your products. ER4U automatically pulls in orders from multiple marketplaces that can all be processed just from one place.


Manage Your - Inventory

All your need from barcoding, godown stock management, rack wise stock tracking, multiple price levels, supplier purchasing, easy & fast billing for sales, purchase return, customer return will be served.

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Customer Relationship

CRM to track customer shopping/ buying behaviour, sms modules to maintain continual/beneficial engagement. Creation of Offers, Promotions, Loyalty program, Discount Coupons, Promotional schemes for targeting customer groups.

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Human Resource

Complete Employee management such as commission calculation as per sales along with employee database including salary, address, phone number etc.

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We manage Cash Book, Accounting, Profit and Loss, Pending Payments, MIS Reports, Taxation, etc. Integration with Tally is also an addon! Basically update your accounting automatically.

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Online Orders

We bring all your online orders together in one screen. Automatically!! We Sync your store inventory with the E-commerce channels you are selling on. Now no more "Out Of Stock" problem!

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Show 100% inventory everywhere

Increase your sales by making your centralized inventory available on all your stores and channels. Your stock levels are automatically updated in real time everywhere!

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Cutting-edge technology

Cloud Based- Web Integrated System at your finger tips. In short no loss of data, no installation required, no backups in pendrive required, no viruses, no problem even if your system crashes or get formatted. You can now also track the software when you are out of station or state or country. Its always Online and available!

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Multiple stores & warehouse management

Got more than one store? We wish you do, because our ER4U can seemlessly manage your entire store range as well as godowns/warehouses. Features such as Transfer to store, Challans, Return to Warehouse creates a flawless business process.

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billing software for retail shop
billing software for retail store

Unlimited no. of multilevel user creation

Multi level of user allows you to give certain set of permission to certain set of user. Owner can always access all the stores and warehouses from anywhere in the world! Whereas warehouse admin has permission of purchase in warehouse and Store Admin has permission of store sales only. And the end employees can be restricted to what can they see and what they can't… Unlike our competitors, we have unlimited numbers of user creation all for FREE!

Image capturing system & mobile App

Now capture images of the products so you don't sell wrong products due to barcode misplacements. These pictures appears at time of sales, so employees can verify, if right products are being sold. Image capturing also plays vital role when you integrate the system for selling your products on ecommerce channels.

To make the process simpler, we also provide mobile app for the same. One click to scan the barcode and capture any pic to link with the product, all from you mobile's camera!

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pos billing software

Stock Verification System And Mobile App

Are you worried about the stock, that get missing/ stolen from your shop every year? Is the loss not letting you grow or making you personally sit on the shop? We have the solution for it too. Simply scan barcodes of all your stock and the system will tell you exact stock missing from your store. Use the regular barcode gun or simply install our mobile app to do the same!

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Run your smart shop like a pro

Hundreds of smart shop owners are using ER4U to grow their business & manage their Operations efficiently. So don't wait! Hurry UP!

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