Demo Videos / Training Videos

Our software is inexplicably user-friendly. You can learn to use it with no effort at all. Here, we have some basic videos which can guide you through if you are a first-time user of our software. Just watch once and you are on your track to use it with no difficulty at all. And if you need any support, we are here for you. One of our support team executives can meet you at your preferred time and help you understand more about how it works and how it can benefit your business. !!

How to Enter New Purchase in er4u?

Enter new purchase, supplier, and stock management in a few simple steps.

How to Enter old items Purchase in er4u?

Quickly update and enter old items purchase in er4u via Purchase Management. .

Purchase in Er4u without Including TAX ?

Learn to make entry without including tax,print invoice and generate bills.

Sale from barcode through ER4U - GST Enabled Software ?

eR4u is fast and undisputed to sale through barcode and generate bills in less than 6 seconds.

Sale without barcode through ER4U - GST Software ?

Sale in eR4u without a barcode. Fast sales billing without barcoding in eR4u

How to sale in er4u without tax ?

Sale without Tax or Gst in eR4u. Watch this video to learn.

Perform Sale in Credit Through Er4u ?

Do business in credit with eR4u software. Sale in credit hasslefree, watch this tutorial.

How to sale return in eR4u ?

Watch how to do sales return in eR4u,issue a credit note and verify.

How to Print Barcode in eR4u ?

Print barcode in eR4u. You can also generate two barcodes for single items.

How to print barcode of non-stock items in eR4u ?

You can generate barcode without purchasing the items in stock. Learn more in this video.

How to Manage Customers Account in Er4u ?

Get details on every customer. Check customer ledger, credit sale details, search via name, number and gst.

Managing Vendors Account in Er4u ?

Supplier transaction info in eR4u. Click on supplier ledger and get all details. Managing vendors account is easy in eR4u.

How To Set Up ER4U For Business ?

eR4u understand your business whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler. Setup eR4u, purchase, margin, type and more.

How to make items & combinations without stock?

Sale inventory without keeping them in stock & items without purchase in eR4u.

How to edit purchase in eR4u?

Correct your purchase mistakes in eR4u & edit your purchase value with a single click.

How to setup customers in eR4u?

Customer settings in the master setup can be configured & you can create label for customers.

How to Setup Sale in Er4u

Explore sale settings in this video and see how simple it is. Enable various options and keep your sale screen simple.

How to setup purchase in eR4u ?

See how purchase set up works, manage your stock rack wise, define stock limit, price, model number and more.

How to setup store and location in eR4u?

Setup store and location, add new tabs, modifications, store configuration, location, shortcuts, purchase bills and more.

How to Sale in Challan?

Sale in challan, challan to bill,credit/cash sales ,enter customer name and convert to generate bills.

Create single invoice for multiple challan

Watch how single challan for multiple invoices can be made in eR4u to scan and sale items.

How to do simple accounting with GST software ?

Use eR4u for simple accounting under the accounting tab. Create categories, sub-heading and more.

Entering Bank Deposit and Checking Bank Statements ?

Enter Bank Deposit and Check Bank statements in Accounting using eR4u. Learn here!

Creating Coupons in eR4u?

Learn to create coupons in this video. Give your customers the chance to visit your store again with discounts & coupon master

How to Redeem Coupons in eR4u?

Redeem coupons more easily with eR4u - create coupon series, give discounts, scan the barcode, generate bills and more.

How to Check Reports in eR4u?

Learn to check reports. Search any report or view them all.

Check Purchase Summary in eR4u ?

Learn more about how you can check the purchase summary in this demo video. Total summary, store report and more.

Check Purchase Report in eR4u ?

See purchase reports for single and multiple stores on the basis of days, monthly or yearly.

Creating Discounts in ER4U ?

Create discounts for your customers in eR4u. Increase sales and customer engagement, offers/schemes, stock-clearance sale and more.

Learn to Create Scheme By Amount ?

See how you can create a scheme by the amount in this video. Attract your customers by creating schemes using eR4u.

Create Scheme By Percentage ?

Explore how you can create a scheme by percentage in this video. Create a scheme for different quantities easily with eR4u software.

Fastest Billing Software ER4U

Serve more customers at the same time with fast billing. Save time and money with safe and secure eR4u. Watch proof!