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Refund Policy

We would like to clarify our 30 days money-back refund policy. Please read these terms carefully before making your purchase with us.

We at eR4u demonstrate the product to every customer before purchase with a minimum of 30 minutes session & we deliver the product with features based on mentioned plans on the URL and all customers are covered under 30 days money-back refund policy on below eligible conditions.

  • If it has not exceeding 30 days from the date of the transaction.
  • If features are not delivered as per the listed plan on based on your purchased plan & eR4u is not delivering you the same upon your request.
  • If there is any operational & technical difficulty eR4u is not able to resolve it upon your request.
  • If the customization of software has not been taken & Development hasn't started.
  • If any initial customization was promised over a written communication with a TAT and did not deliver.
  • If upon exploring the product as a trial with minimal support you found the product is not up to the mark as per your expectations.

All requests for a refund must be initiated through emails on within the refund period with a subject and reason for a refund which can be acceptable & within approval limits as per the above conditions.

  • If there is ISP – internet service provider issue & you are not able to run the software properly. Some Ad & Blank screen issues have been reported on BSNL Modems & Routers.
  • If any hand made & other software invoice has wrong calculations and does not match with eR4u.
  • If you have changed your mind suddenly without any reason or have switched or made a plan to switch on any other software, you don’t want to continue with eR4u.
  • If you have raised the customization request and we have accepted it or developed it.
  • If your hardware does not meet the software requirements.
  • You don't have the manpower or time to implement our products on your site.
  • Your purchase is older than 30 days.
  • If any customer asks anything extra which is not in our deliverables or terms of service.

While planning for refunds we check for soundness and validity of the case, applying different conditions to it. If these conditions are satisfied, a refund may apply.


The Buyer understands that access to the support, software access, and documentation terminates when the refund is processed.


Refunds are processed by the same payment processor you used to subscribe. Refunds are issued up to 7 business days after they are accepted. The actual date of receiving the refund depends on the payment processor and the method of payment.


This refund policy can be updated at any time, without prior notice and is applicable immediately and retroactively for all subscriptions and subscribers. It is considered an integral part of our Terms of Use and its acceptance is mandatory for all users.