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Retail Store Billing Software Indore, India - POS, Inventory System India

Mostly Retailers do sale in credits, but what if you miss or forget any detail? You will lose thousands and that loss will never be known. Because Who knows the salesperson has dealt with him. It is not possible for any human to remember everything. So it is important to manage Credit Sale very well. Also, it has to be EASY.

ER4U retail shop POS Software in Indore let you do Credit Sale Easily. Just with one click, Yes! just select the credit sales and sale will be in Credits only! ER4U is Billing software in Indore which offers Easiest Credit Sale in the market.

Now when you do Billing, chances are many to miss out the customer name/details especially when you are selling in Credit. Do you know it can cost you thousands and that loss will never be known? When you sale in Credit, you tend to forget whom you sold. ER4U doesn't let you Credit Sale without entering customer details.

So the paid sale can be done without customer details, but when you are Selling in Credit, customer details are mandatory. Later, you can also see the entire credit history of any customer like when and what amount of credit has been taken. In this way, you won't exceed the limit of credit for your customers.

ER4U billing software for retail shop, is used for all segments like grocery, garments, furniture, footwear, electronics, handlooms, home decor and supermarket. Through ER4U retail shop pos software, you can manage Billing, Barcoding, Stock, Sales, Reports and much more. ER4U will make sure your sales, purchase and management are organised and your Business is Tension Free.

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