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Best Billing Software of India (Better Than Tally)

Here are 3 Things That ER4U Billing POS Software Can Do That Tally Can’t!

Every Tally user asks why to use ER4U. Tally might be enough for Accounting only, but ER4U is equipped with a lot more features which actually bring more profits to Retailers. 

  • Barcoding

ER4U is POS Software and also Barcoding software. It can read the barcodes of all the products which are generated during manufacturing. It also generates personalised barcodes for your products. Say any details like shop name, product size and type - ER4U will generate like that barcode for you easily. ER4U is so flexible that you can generate the barcode of the size you want. Whereas in Tally, you can't generate a barcode for your products.

  • Create Schemes and Discounts

ER4U has Schemes & Discount master where you can create/delete the discounts/schemes you want to give to your customers. These schemes/discounts/coupons can automatically be applied at a time of sale. You can also apply discounts at the time of sale as you need. This is all possible in a click with ER4U, but in Tally all this is so complex. This is a lot of time and manpower consumption. 

  • SMS Integration

ER4U creates customers Database while Billing. Now, this database can be used for targeting and attracting old customers again and again. You can also inform your customers about new offers and stock updates. Tally doesn't support SMS integration. Forget about sending information, billing offers or discount SMS to your customers

ER4U - 1, Tally - 0

This is why ER4U is the Best Billing Software, way better than Tally.

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