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Garments Billing Software - Features you must know before buying it

With the continuous growth in the demand for garments, the garment industry is also growing faster and many have started their garment business. The unique problem that each garment business is experiencing is no systematic management of inventory that has resulted in disturbing accounts. There are major issues of stock managing as per season. There is a need for additional management because there are several categories such as brand, size, color, price and so on to be distinct.  Often there is a chance of garments getting misplaced because of some rush. Through the best Garments Billing Software one can get help in managing the garments concerning their different categories like sizes, brands, price, etc.

In an ideal Garments Billing Software, billing mode is quick due to various payment modes that include- cash and credit cards that lead into balanced management of customers and easier way of maintaining inventory because it will alert when there is a shortage of any stock. The importance of having the best Garments Billing Software in the garment industry needs to be experienced with wide usage that can bring operational excellence to the business process. Today, ER4 is recognized as the best garment billing tool that provides efficiently integrated elements that are 100% essential for running a garment business successfully.

Features of a Garments Billing Software -


Garments Billing Software should let the buyers put the items on layaway and recognize the item as such in the stock system. The layaway payments must be treated as deposits in the general ledger.


An ideal garments billing software must allow merchandise to be put on hold and make out it as such in the stock. The hold should expire automatically after a defined period of the item isn’t bought or put on layaway by the buyer.

Customer relationship management

Due to competition from online shops, retailers have adopted CRM aggressively. They are adopting social networking through establishing Facebook pages and tweeting coupons to registered customers. The system must track style, color, and designer preference to notify customers when new shipments are outstanding. It is essential to track dates for targeted and personalized sales opportunities.

Seasonal planning

Accessories and fashions change from time to time. The stock should make recommendations for new orders. It should track existing stock and male sales-versus storage recommendations.

Customer loyalty program

As a part of CRM and to solidify buyers’ relations, numerous shops have customer loyalty programs. The stores' system needs to track sales history and monitor loyalty program points rewarded and cashed in.


These are all features that will be found in an ideal Garments Billing Software. No doubts a garment shop can easily grow faster if have the best clothing billing tool.

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