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How to grow your sales with Retail Pos Software

Post-buying conveyance is a crucial part for business marketing and customer engagement. Most of the consumers have issues or complaints post-purchase and that’s where you can stand out by providing exceptional communication and support to your customers. Keeping up with customer interactions is an effective way to increase your sales.

  • Getting new customers costs high than retaining your existing ones.

  • Statistics reveals that your existing customers are more likely to make a purchase rather than new customers.

  • Customer retention is more profitable than investing for new customers.

Interacting with your customers post-purchase ensures conversation with your customers. It improves their relations with your business that builds a trust and credibility for your retail business. 

You can use various mediums to communicate with your customers such as email, SMS, phone, and social media etc. Creativity is the way to get your customer attention by sending information which is appealing to them in an innovative manner. You can take customer feedback each time they visit your premises to make them feel valuable. 

Tips to Improve Communication With Your Buyers: 

  • Send a welcome message on your customer’s mobile when they purchase for the first time by collecting customer information.

  • It is important to ask for feedback every time the customers visit your store.

  • Send emails to the customers with new offers, discounts and additions to your business.

  • Reward customers and offer them benefits through loyalty program.

  • Ask them to connect with your business on social media for regular updates.

  • Share info and advantages of product post-purchase.

  • Build relations by sending them reminder texts & wishing them on special occasions. 

  • Add personalization to your communication by using the customer’s name and personal details while referring them. 

You can execute the above discussed ideas in your business to improve communication with your buyers. A point-of-sale system specialized for retail business can make this job very easier for you as you will be able to initiate all the efforts from one single software eR4u - Easy Retail For You. Turn every interaction into a healthy profitable relation with your customer - Show me how to do it !

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