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Why Retail Software India - Er4u is the Talk of the Town Today?

These days if you are looking for a new POS tool, you can easily get beset faster. Plenty of choices are there online and each option is having many features. It can leave you to ask a question- What I need actually and what extra will help me to grow? Let us now walk through the features that you need to look for in a POS. Remember that at present time, your POS tool must be a part of a bigger solution that helps you to operate and grown your business uninterrupted. Read and find out good features of the suitable retail software India.

Easy installation and Integration

The POS tool you choose mustn’t interrupt your existing business. The important features of the best retail software India must be easy to install and an intuitive interface. It allows for every non-tech savvy person to operate the tool with no troubles. Also, another important thing is that it must incorporate effortlessly with other third-party services that you use like accounting software or e-commerce solution. This results in better working as you can manage all the tasks from within the system.

Very Easy Return and Refund Policy

In the present time if you want to make the purchasers contended you then have to provide them good return policy. According to the survey conducted more than half of all the purchasers do not want to do business with those businesses that are having a very strict policy. The return policy of a store is crucial to success. That is the reason why the POS tool must be capable enough to execute a return policy that is buyer-friendly. It must provide flexible options to return the items for both store credits or refund the amount straightforwardly to the bank account. Er4u has become India’s first Billing Software for retailers that offers very easy refund and return policy, so that your customer make a purchase again and again without any hesitation.

Managing Sales Record for Different Counters

You need a system that allows you in creating an account for every employee and keep track of their sales record. One of the biggest benefits of it is that it allows you to manage the staff professionally and optimize output by keeping a tab on what and when they work. You can set up the goal for each of those and whether they are being dynamic at the work. The system must password protect the account. Many stores are there where the sales representative is required to move out once the sales are finished. In that situation, they need to safeguard the account from anybody else to try to have access to it.

So, if you are frustrated with your current billing & inventory software, now its tome to turn to Er4u. We assure of good features and also it will save your valuable time.

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