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Integration between POS and Ecommerce - Er4u

In the world of Omni-channel, providing offline and online purchasing experience for the shoppers is important for the retailers. If you want the business to reach higher goals easily, there is a need of integrating ecommerce site with POS system or POS software.

The benefits of integration between POS system and ecommerce is follows

Integrating the physical and digital store is having several operational advantages and customer experience inclusive of -

  1. Allows the business tracking and managing goods with greater accuracy

POS systems like Er4u, saves time, reduce cost and does stock management in the best possible way with the high functionality of a store for simplifying the stock process and help tracking, managing a stand-alone storehouse.

  1. Save money and time

Er4u Maximize the productivity and efficiency with very much simple and easy to use way that can meet the changing demands fairly rapidly.

  • Increase the profits with flexible pricing choices
  • Effective staff management
          1. Enhance the efficiency of employee management with time clock, number present and employee racking.
          2. Closely manages the sales management through sales staff and evaluate the sales by employee, work shifts and so on.
          3. Simple integration
          4. Create cashier reporting
  1. Make rapid and greatly accurate business decisions

An ideal billing software, maintains competitive edge and increases revenue opportunities with flexible, easy to use reporting option to better help you. You will know exactly which good sell the best at every time and what you need to buy or discount something.  Similarly you can track the benefits of spending in mailing to the customers, discounts, marketing, and promotions and so on.

  1. Other reasons

When you don’t consider integrating POS software and ecommerce, your purchasers experience is being greatly threatened. Furthermore, your team is responsible for manually moving data between them like-

  • Status tracking from POS to ecommerce channels
  • Product information from POS to ecommerce website
  • Shipping details
  • Sales order from the ecommerce to POS

When these process aforementioned are not at all automated, mistakes takes place. It will result to an inaccurate product details, encounter slow shipping process, wrong stock level. The product details may be incomplete and missing or inaccurate also. And all these manual process takes time and hours to get fixed. This is the time that is taken away from something that is more and more important and will remain important and that is your ideal purchasers.

There is nothing wrong in integrating POS software and ecommerce website. The integration not only develops seamless shopping experience also it saves time and money to manage whole business.

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