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Best POS Software In India (Way Better Than Marg)

ER4U is the Best Retail POS Software in the market. Let me explain how it is better than other Billing Software.

1. Cloud-Based Software
ER4U is a cloud-based Billing Software. It is accessible anytime and from anywhere. So now you can monitor your daily sales and stock even when you are not in the shop. Mobility is one of the best benefits of ER4U - Retail Management Software.

2. Hardware Independent
ER4U - Software For Retail Shop runs on the browser and supports all devices like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile. So when you have ER4U - Online Billing Software for your shop, you are no more hardware dependent. Manage your shop anytime and from anywhere.

3. Easy To Use
We have designed ER4U POS Software for Indian Retailers and it is made keeping an eye on its users. ER4U is very easy to use Billing Software. It is so easy that you don't have to hire an expert to operate it. You can use ER4U even when you are not a techie.

4. Quick Support
We care for our customers and we believe our growth depends upon our customer's growth. We have a dedicated team for customer support. We are so reachable and ready to help that we provide just by dropping a text. 

5.   Economical
We believe Great software solutions don't have to be overpriced. We have made our Online Billing Software with rich features that grow your sales directly and prices are so economical that is affordable for every Retailer. We have plans and versions for every Retail store! 

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