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Best Billing Software in Mumbai | Easy Retail for you (Er4u)

“GST” or goods and services, on 6th may 2015, GST bill passed at Lok Sabha. If bill has been introduced, it will provide companies the big benefits. Basically GST is a value added tax which is obtained at different intersections into the supply chain this providing credit for any tax charged on the payment got for the use of supply.

The customer or mid-person is liable to pay the tax that is the last in supply chain. GST introduction would simplify the indirect tax framework at state and central rates. Till now, India has had complex multi-layered taxation structure, replaced by GST.

At present time, mostly the business houses and organizations, small, medium or big are in continuous need of ideal free billing software Mumbai that can do the accounting, ledger and inventory, finance and measure the particular tax classification and also file those with no hustle.

Holding all the criteria, Er4u, Best Billing Software in Mumbai came into the market which can conduct the tasks fairly competently and can also measure the GST to help and carry on business.

Filling information conveniently-

Mostly the organizations settle for the accounting program which takes care of inventories, income and different form of invoices, taxation and bill calculations. GST tool has been executed for making it easier registering and sending complex information through migrating the company to online government website. Through GST, it becomes so easier to calculate the taxes and register and send information.


Automated invoicing service makes accounting process to run faster and effectively. Easily you can print professional looking invoices, instead using old fashioned manual paper and pen. Invoices can be submitted through email. The faster invoices are popping out, the faster you will get billed. Mostly the Free Billing Software integrated with the rest of the accounting tool, letting planning and recording invoices easily, faster and automatically.

Customizable software-

GST program mechanize taxes and other rates by business method. The consumer is able to configure the needs of the business. Defects and faults in the produce, extra tax on goods and other service can take place. GST program is created for resolving all the tax fines in a specific way.

Time saving and cost effective-

Keeping track of all the details and invoices concerning billing is important for all businesses. The use of GST tool helps in controlling the payments and therefore promotes filling of the reports. This save the time and money as billing tool is liable for financial operations from filling tax to invoicing.

These are the reasons to use Er4u, Free Billing Software.

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