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POS Software Better Than Tally

Every Tally user asks us why to use ER4U. Tally might be enough for Accounting only, but ER4U - pos software is equipped with a lot more features which actually bring more profits to Retailers. 

1. Mobility - Accessible From Any Device
Tally has to be installed in a computer system. So you are strictly restricted to use the software from that device and location only. 
ER4U - point of sale software is available on the cloud and hence no installation in a system is required. It can be accessed from any device whether its laptop, desktop or tablet.

2. Simplicity - Anybody Can Be Digital Retailer
Tally is a complicated software. It needs an expert to use it. Hiring an expert for a software is a cost. Also, in the absence of the expert, your losses are huge. 
We have designed ER4U so simple, that anyone can become Digital Retailer even if you're not a techie. So, whoever works at your store or barely 8th pass can operate ER4U with ease. This will Save your Money in hiring an Expert and their Monthly Salary.

3. Safety & Auto Backup - Create and Manage Your Database
Since Tally is installed in a computer system hence all sales reports, stock data and customer records are stored on that computer. But after all, a computer is a machine - it can crash anytime. Now? It's all gone. It is a loss of lacks that you can't recover.
ER4U stores your data virtually. So you won't have to worry about crashing your system. And you know even if it crashes, you can recover it because ER4U supports Auto Backup.

When are you going to get ER4U - pos software for your shop?

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