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This Small Info Can Add Big Value To Your Retail Garments Business

Customer visited your store and didn't buy anything. Did this happen to you? You think what customer is thinking, No?

Let's do this activity. Just answer yourself.

  1. Are you sure your customers are liking your products?
  2. Do you need to refresh your inventory?
  3. Are sizes or colours are enough?
  4. How was your customer's overall experience with you?

Nobody can answer it better than your customer! And Customers will always let you know what they're looking for, but only if you ask. But it's tough yet to get every customer's opinion.

So how to do it?
Here comes ER4U - Retail Management Software of India in the picture. It's excellent Customer Management feature saves customer details at the time of Billing. So now you will have the database of your own customer. You can send offer and sale messages to customers. You will let them know about your new stock.

When you have the database of your customers, you will able to know their opinions. You will be able to excite them with exciting offers and discounts. You can ask them questions that will improve your inventory.

Or if this feels tricky, just simply get an addon of Feedback Management (eFe4u) with ER4U-pos software for garments store. eFe4u is an online software which helps you to know your customer's feedback and later you can use it for your growth. This tool brings your customer closer to you.

All Big brands are using customer it and growing in this fast-changing marketplace. With ER4U- Retail Billing Software for cloth stores we are helping you to reach there.

So, When are you going to adapt it to your business?

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