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Which Advanced Features Er4u Offers for the Indian Retailers

For a business, there is a need for narrowing down their search and it will be well on its way to choose and to spent money on the best retail pos software India that makes life easier and your business greatly profitable. Here are some common features that a good POS for small or medium-sized or large-sized businesses offers.

Here, we will discuss advantages of Er4u that are exclusively developed for your business. So let us dive deep into it.

01- Keeps a Retailer Connected from Mobile Location

A good retail pos software India provides online access that helps one to stay connected with the business through any location remotely. It is a convenient feature for the franchises and the business that are having more than a location.

02- Ways of Reporting

Every retail POS needs to have a user-friendly reporting feature. Er4u reporting is an edge for a retailer. It stores reports of a store / shop like product models, yearly sales, monthly/weekly sales, hourly transactions etc. in very simple ways.

03- Real-time Support

With the Er4u, best retail POS software, you can get real time customer support via Whatsapp groups that we have created for you. You need not wait in queue to get instant support if you are stopped anywhere during the billing.

04- POS integration with Ecommerce

If you have a single physical store or you own multiple stores, it is the need of hour that your store must be integrated with an ecommerce store and We, Er4u offer you an Ecommerce website so that your products can be displayed online from where, you can get orders and sell them. Er4u is a powerful and fastest POS of India that integrates your physical store with an ecommerce website. Every time a products sold from your either physical store or online store is managed by your POS i.e. Er4u.

05- A mobile payment on site

Mobile payment is the fastest growing trend in the retail business. The reason is that it permits speedier checkout instead of making the buyers wait in the line. You take the checkout tool to the buyers. It not only saves time also makes the business profitable. While a buyer checks out the product, the sales representative can teach them about it.


For all these wonderful features, you must select Er4u for your retail store. We are confident that you need buy any other software if you have Er4u.

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