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A bill is nothing but a document that contains the due amount along with some other information for any goods or services that were purchased by a customer. Invoicing is one of the most important tasks associated with any businesses, as no business wants outstanding debt for months. It can make a great impact on the working capital of any business, and make cash crunch.

There are some techniques, implement which in your invoicing process can increase the debt collection process. With this post, we are going to present you with some techniques that any business owner should incorporate in their invoicing tasks. Without any delay, let us have a look at them in brief:

Find a store billing software

You may be thinking that your business is small and for the task of debt collection, you do not require a store billing software in India. You are true to some extent but not fully. It is just a partial truth. Consider a scenario where your business grows, and you starts dealing with large number of customers every single day. In such cases you are definitely going to need a store billing software in India at some point of time or another, isn’t it? Hence, investing in a store billing software in India early is noteworthy from every point of view, no matter if your business is big or small. Along with assisting you in billing your customers, a store billing software will also help you in making the shopping experience of your customers great at your store. There are hundreds of billing software out of which Er4u is considered as the best store billing software in India. for FREE DEMO, call us 9893544430.

A perfect invoicing template

An imperfect invoicing template can create lack of congruence among the invoices generated over a period of time. This is one of the many problems mostly associated with small businesses that delays the process of debt collection. Hence it is really important to have a perfect invoicing template to make the process of debt collection efficient. For instance, a perfect invoicing template should contain the several information that include but not limited to:

  • company logo
  • business address
  • contact details
  • website
  • email address
  • fax number
  • due amount
  • date of deal
  • mode of payments
  • date by which payments should be made
  • Details of sold products or services, and so forth.

In simple words, you are ought to provide your customer with everything they need to clear the due amount.

Utilize mobile billing devices

In the event that you are conducting door to door business, postponing the billing process to the head office will delay your payments. It will be an unquestionable idea to equip your sales team with mobile devices that can get connected to your main store billing software, so that they can bill your customers on the go.

Today with the speedy growth in the field of technology and smartphones, it is becoming things become more challenging to get a proper mobile management under the control. Especially, if you are running middle size or large size business, with the increasing number of smart phone and mobile device users. If you are the part of the team responsible for your company’s mobile management team, as the accountant knows that there are many challenges associated with the monthly billing and managing it. So, to reduce the burden and misleading information of the monthly billing report will get properly managed by retail billing software for mobile stores.

Features of good retail billing software for mobile stores

Point of sale:  the point of sale is really needed to be very quick to ensure your customers with the less waiting time. It should intelligently tell you that what customer wants form you in the form of billing patterns. Retail billing software is the best one for mobile stores.

Works offline too: Retail billing software for mobile stores; works even when internet is not working, which means this type of software will work in your internet connection fail to connect with the given software. In this series, these types of softwares will also support the working system even in the weak internet connection.

Support multiple counters: the retail billing software for mobile stores will support multiple counters at a time. A reach accountant provides a free server on cloud and stores data within a given time.

Points of loyalty: These types of retailing software are capable in sending predefined loyalty crediting points on every fixed amount of purchasing. They can send you bulk sms to customers to let them know the current offer.

Reporting to cash balances: Unlike desktop billing software, softwares for retail mobile store will submit the reports of cash related to real time.

Sales according to location: If you want to track the sales locations, you can use the best billing software for mobile retail stores.

Sales tracking: With the help of this type of software you come to know that which product is the fast moving or which not. This can also identify your best sales and customer by sharing appreciation with them. It can also make your future purchase more sorted and informed.

Keep details of auto purchase:  the billing software for shop helps you to replenish extinguished stock by automatically created purchase at the time when stocks go below orders set.

All the above features will help you to know that this retail billing software for shops, mobile stores are best one for commercial use. Get Free Download of Best Billing Software 2021 – Er4u. Call 9893544430 for FREE DEMO of India’s best FREE POS. Er4u offers mobile stores invoicing, barcoding, GST billing, SMS & payment reminder also. Easy Retail for you (Er4u) has become India's best billing software & POS software of 2021. Downlaod it FREE and manage your reatil business in exceptional ways. It does barcoding, billing, invoicing, inventory management, SMM integration, payment reminder & Much more.

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