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Unique Way for Serving Clients – Er4u

Today POS billing software is been observed as the back-end solution that is used to process sales and accept payments. However the best POS tool that is more than a simple management solution. A quality of POS tool is a way of enhancing the in-store experience and elevates the reputation of the store, having a positive impact on overall purchasers’ experience.

Following are the unique way of serving the clients through Er4u -

Resolving the stock issues

Problems with stock issues frustrate not only the retailers but also the potential buyers who have to leave the store empty handed. The best Pos billing software, Er4u integrating with the stock management and accounting and reconciliation tool can reduce the problems with the stock management effectively. The retailers are able to track easily what is going on the door to more effectually coordinate restocking the efforts and shift funds. From the perspective of customers, this will mean the shelves are always stocked and the products they wish for are always there for buying.

Meet the buyers’ demands

The primary reason customer chooses to shop in to the physical store is to experience the product before they buy. To play to this purchasers preference, the retailers need to know about which good customer mostly want to test well in advance and make sure that they always they have product in the stock. The best Pos billing software which integrate with CRM portal make it easy tracking purchasing attitudes. Retailers therefore can make sure that when customer purchaser step in the store they find what they want and hope that they buy it and also have the chance trying them. This not only will ensure the positive in-store experience but it will limit the burden of customer refunding products that don’t meet the expectations.

24x7 hours client support through Whatsapp

All time client support facility is available. This even has become easier through direct messaging on whatsapp. You can also send the message and the live chat team will quickly respond you. However clients will also find whatsapp for communicating which as compared to the other sources are fairly effective. The clients just have to send the message even without visiting to the office for getting help spending money on vehicle fueling and investing time as well. They can text on available whatsapp number and with better response their issues will be resolved. In short real time whatsapp that save time that is wasted on phone calls.


That’s all how the clients are served and given better help through Er4u. Therefore using POS billing software will definitely be the best decision that a retailer can take now.

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